Proof of up-to-date vaccinations including Bordetella.  All dogs require up to date vaccinations including Bordatella .  No exceptions.

Sick Dog Policy

Any dogs showing signs of illness or parasites will be kept to a private area and will not be allowed to socialize with other dogs.

Any unspayed females in heat are to be carefully supervised and if necessary kept to a restricted playgroup.  We understand it isn’t an illness but it keeps the female safe and other males from behaving aggressively.


We will do our very best to contact you and/or your emergency contact to advise you on the condition of your pet as soon as possible.  However, if repeated attempts to contact cannot be made then we will call our vet clinic, Eldale Veterinary Clinic, 150 Church St, Elmira  or after hours the Emergency Veterinary Clinic at 405 Maple Grove Rd. Cambridge, to seek treatment for your dog.  Their well being is our priority.

After Hours

Doors will be locked after hours.  We have two time slots for drop-off, pick-up, tours and visits, 8-10am, and 4-6pm.  At those times all dogs will be in their pens to make the process as efficient and stress-free as possible.  If you need a late pick-up or early drop-off please make arrangements at the time of booking.  Charges may apply for extra time involved


A minimum 24 hour notice required for cancellations or early pick up. Short notice will incur a fee equal to a one night stay



Drop off/pick up times are 8-10am or 4-6pm.  Any other times by special arrangement only.

Our pricing is based on a 24 hour period.  We will expect your dog to be picked up in the same time period they were dropped off.  For example, if you dropped your dog off in the morning then we expect the pick-up to be in the morning.  If you wish to pick up in the afternoon  there will be an added daycare charge.