Wagtime Kennels

The Wagtime Advantage

Our first priority is the dogs.  Whether they love to socialize or prefer alone time, we will make sure they are content.  Their time with us will be catered to their needs.

We wanted to do something a little different.  We wanted inclusive pricing.  Prices that include taxes and all your dog’s needs with no surprise add-ons when you get your bill.  Whether it’s socializing time or needed medications, it’s all part of their stay.

We wanted to have a pro-active site where you can easily check for availability and book online, whether planning your holidays or just a day away for your little friend.

About Wagtime Kennels

Welcome !      We are Robert and Mary-Anne Varga ,  the proprietors of Wagtime Kennels.  To say we love dogs is an understatement.  We currently have two, our Golden Retriever, Missy  and our German Terrier, Flynn.   Our passion for dogs is what inspired Wagtime Kennels.

The  design and operation of Wagtime Kennels reflect the way we would like our dogs to be boarded.   Our facility has been built  for a dogs comfort from the ground up.  The goal was to not just meet, but to exceed all regulations and  requirements for dog care.   We wanted a clean, safe, loving  and happy environment.   Wagtime was to be a place we wouldn’t hesitate to board our own pampered pets, a place where a dog can run,  join a pack and not worry about dirty paws or barking ,  a place with lots of pets, scratches and belly rubs.  We wanted  extra large pens with ample space for pen-sharing if you have more than one dog. We wanted doggie doors with proximity sensors that allow your dog the freedom to come and go as they please to large, individual outdoor pens.   We wanted  floors heated wall to wall to keep puppy paws toasty and dry during the cold months  Our building is  insulated to modern  residential standards to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  We have two  large community fenced play yards for all-day play with more areas  soon to be added, For those dogs that do not socialize well we have forest trails for individual walks.   We live here so there is always someone on premise with your dog.  Our team will ensure your pet will receive constant human contact.  No one will ever be left out of playtime unless that’s what they prefer. You will have peace of mind knowing your pet will be happy and well taken care of but don’t take our word for it, read our testimonials.

When we began building in 2014 we started a Facebook page, Wagtime Kennels, so we could keep people informed on how we were progressing.  We now use it as a tool so you can see the facility and check on how your dog is doing throughout their stay.  Pictures are uploaded as quickly as possible, when we aren’t playing with dogs.  We are also able to send video or pictures of your dog via phone or e-mail personally, if you just need an update.  Our hope is that this gives you comfort while you are away from  your precious companion.

We have an open door policy for a quick view of the facility.  If you would like to come by for a tour , 8-10am or 4-6pm would be best.  We would love to show you around!

We are centrally located just outside Breslau to easily serve Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph and Waterloo.  We are also about ten minutes from the Waterloo International Airport for true convenience when going on a trip.

Drop-off, Pick-up, Tours and Visit times:  Daily 8-10 am  or  4-6 pm